New Inn, Whitstable

Whats on at the New Inn

Regular live music, monthly quizzes and more, see whats on here at the New Inn


Thursday 7th - Blues Jam
Saturday 9th - Jimmy and The Riddles
Saturday 16th - Chasing Mavericks
Saturday 23th - KT & The Beats


Saturday 2nd - Rockabilly Rejects
Thursday 7th - Blues Jam
Saturday 16th - As Is Now
Friday 22nd - Hullabaloo
Saturday 23rd - Beggars Belief
Saturday 20th - Lew Lewis Country Band


Thursday 4th - Blues Jam
Saturday 6th - Squeeze Gut Alley
Saturday 13th - Normans Daughter
Friday 19th - Project F
Saturday 20th - Picturebox
Saturday 27th - Dead Mans Corner


Thursday 2nd - Blues Jam
Saturday 11th - Led Gremlin
Saturday 18th - Centurion Sect
Saturday 25th - Dylan Kirk and the Killers


Saturday 1st - Boogiemen
Thursday 6th - Blues Jam
Saturday 8th - Kit Curtis & the B3s
Saturday 15th - The Dail
Saturday 29th - Martellos


Thursday 4th - Blues Jam
Saturday 6th - Wax Collector
Saturday 13th - Miles Cookman Band 


Thursday 1st - Blues Jam
Saturday 9th - Wild Bill and the Railroad Cats
Saturday 17th - Back Street Bloozers
Saturday 24th - Squeeze Gut Alley
Saturday 31st - Oogie Bobgie Band


Thursday 5th - Blues Jam
Saturday 14th - Dynamite Joe